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    Modelling Mosquito Population Suppression Based on Delay Differential Equations

    主 講 人 :庾建設    教授


    地      點 :數信學院D-203室


    Mosquito-borne diseases have threatened over half theworld’s human beings. The most conventional methods for the control of thesediseases have been insecticide spraying or larval source eradication. Thesemethods are not sustainable to keep the mosquito density below the epidemic riskthreshold. More recently, a novel strategy to suppress the mosquito populationhas been implemented in Saizi island, Guangzhou, China, since 2015. More than95% of local population of Aedes Albopictus have been suppressed by releasingWolbachia-infected male mosquitoes into natural mosquito population to inducecytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) that eggs of wild females fail to hatch iffertilized by sperm from an infected male. In this paper, we propose to modelthe mosquito population suppression with the help of a delay differentialequation model describing the suppression effect by releasingWolbachia-infected male mosquitoes in the field. We first give a detailed andcomplete description of the global dynamics of solutions of the delaydifferential equation. And then, our results determine the release numberthreshold denoted by , for the mosquito suppression. When the number of infectedmale mosquitoes released is above , it will guarantee the suppression effect in anycircumstances, whereas when the release number is less than or equal to , it can only guarantee the suppression effect conditionally.Once some useful parameters are measured, we can calculate the release numberthreshold  , which is helpful forthe actual workers to release infected male mosquitoes in the field.


    庾建設,教授,博士生導師,原廣州大學校長、黨委書記。1991年8月獲湖南大學博士學位。1997年7月起,先后任湖南大學黨委常委、副校長;2003年10月起,先后任廣州大學黨委副書記、校長、黨委書記。 2003年10月至今在廣州大學工作,主要從事微分方程動力系統、差分方程及生物數學模型的理論與應用研究,在《Journal DifferentialEquations》、《SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics》、《Journal of Mathematics Biology》、《中國科學》等國際著名學術期刊發表論文100余篇,獲得了一系列重要的研究成果,曾先后解決了國際著名數學家所提出的多個公開問題與猜想。2006年獲國家自然科學基金杰出青年基金,先后主持國家自然科學基金重點項目3項、國家自然科學基金面上項目4項,主持科技部重大基礎研究前期研究專項、教育部高校博士點基金等省部級基金10余項。入選國家“百千萬人才工程”第一、二層次人選,被評為國家有突出貢獻的中青年專家。

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